meinEnigma kit – Complete

meinEnigma kit – Complete


  • CAD: $ 349 - $ 399

Highlights of the functions:

  • Full emulation of several enigma models like M3(army,Air force), M4(Submarine), more are planned like Norway(post war), Swiss and so on.
  • Physical size and position of rotors, lamps, keys and plugboard within a few millimeters of original (=as far as information can be found)
  • Ring setting, stepping, double stepping (including the exception when starting at a notch), plugboard all implemented as original.
  • Sound effects from original enigma
  • Possible to save up to 14 user configuration plus current config saved whenever turned off
  • Emergency reset-to-factory-defaults red button – to wipe your settings when someone try to peek on it.
  • Configurable by physically move around things (rotate wheels, connect cables) as well as over usb (serial) port.
  • Can encrypt/decrypt from physical keyboard as well as serial port.
  • Encrypted/decrypted character shown on lampboard and serial port.
  • Can send encrypted code in morsecode
  • Designed for modding, several small features that makes it easy to put it in a real case and do other modifications to it.
  • Kit includes schematics
  • Source code for the firmware is licensed under GPL3 and available on github
  • When not used it can be set to show time
  • More to come
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This is an electronic replica of the famous WWII enigma machine that was used by the Germans to encrypt a lot of their communications.

The kit includes manuals, mainboard, lamp and key board and the plugboard, and all the components needed to put it together.
NOTE – this is a kit that need to be soldered together before it can be used.

You have two variants of this kit:

  • Hybrid: The three components that are surface mounted (SMD/SMT) comes unsoldered so you need to solder them on. All other components are through-hole and with that easier to solder on.
  • Through-hole: the three components that are surface mounted (SMD/SMT) are already soldered on and tested and due to that cost a bit more. All other components are through-hole.
    NOTE: This variant is made to order which means shipping may take a few days.

(It used to be a SMD only version but that is no longer offered)

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 31 × 24 × 9 cm
Component variant

Hybrid SMD+Through-hole, SMD, Through-hole

Customer Reviews

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Mike Fox
meinEnigma Kit - Great product but I have a problem

It’s a great product and relatively easy to assemble being an ex-computer guy.
Unfortunately all the basics work but not the displays or LED’s. Dot on the displays sometimes come on and display sometimes flash on start up. The problems is like the following and I think it’s the ht16k33 but they are not available New Zealand, so I have ordered some on Aliexpress, but this takes time.
Do you have any suggestion ?
Thank you.
Mike Order No. 2451

mein enigma kit

nice looking kit closely matching layout of mechanicals in original, comprehensive instructions, had only a minor issue with a blocked board hole, libre GPL firmware allows for easy modding, arrived quickly from Canada to Oz

Excellent electronic replica of M3 &M4 (assembled in March 2023)

I highly recommend the MeinEnigma kit- this is one of best model on market out there I will be buying another one, this time with chips not soldered as have experienced doing it on practice kits and only 3 small chips, but if you don’t have experience buy version with chips already soldered. I still need to add cover to it and box.

It has arrived well packed with all parts, clear detail instruction and manual guide.
I have completed before practicing on 3 soldering kits from Amazon (through-hole one withs lot of LEDs & SMD including). This kit is easier to assemble than some practicing kit just requires patience.

Assembly time 11h- could have been done quicker yes, double checking parts, orientation etc, this should not be rushed, take your time and joy while assembling kit. Time with extra bits (taking photos at each step, and taping all components with electric PVC tape before soldering to keep them as close board as possible, then tape removed).
Boards alone are high quality, well designed and components well distanced for easy solder.

Plugboard- 3h, started with plugboard first as smallest element and lest complex to get feeling on soldering, including extra steps super glued material cable cover to wire ends before screwing all to banana jack. The order start in instruction is lamp board- this I did second on purpose.

Lampboard-3h, bought plastic 5mm Led covers put them upside down and then temporary taped each LED to PCB to make sure it is exactly flat on board. This plastic LED covers when upside down give around 2mm gap between board and LED bottom for visibility to ensure LED is exactly flat. All my LEDs are as close as possible with this technique (learned during practicing on Amazon kits is not easy task otherwise. Taping all elements overall saved me time- as I knew nothing can move.

Mainboard/encoders-5h, added 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm with plastic cover DC Power Jack, few dollars on Amazon- just bend pins with pliers, trim a bit of plastic with metal File to fit close to board and screw to the blue output provided for battery wire. Then just buy USB with 5.5 x 2.1 mm plug to USB A cable to connect to standard battery pack 10k mAh for charging phones. I would not recommend using 2x1.5V battery output as in my view is too small, and not practical, keep stable 5V from larger battery pack- last very long. Arduino needs 5V to be stable.

Mainboard/encoders- 5h – as most time consuming and do it right as Arduino chip and lot of pins but just more time consuming, that’s it, it is not complex.

I have tested machine extensively for over a week with M3 and M4 for stability 5-6h ON a day connected via Mini USB (to Arduino – not recommending as long solution) and via battery pack with added 5.5x 2.1mm socket to 5V USB (recommend as main way to power machine as Switch will allow to turn it off). Tested as well out put against the two online Enigma version- all same results.

Machine performance is very stable (tested with text to speech off)- equal brightness of 5mm lamp LEDs and RED LED display, no flickering, no issues. Press buttons slowly as you would normally use it, note the letter then another press of button, not computer keyboard speed type of use.

Soldering equipment: 0.9 mm & 1.2 mm (bigger elements like buttons) 60/40 soldering wire at 350 C temperature (yes although it melts at 190 C, the wire supplier recommends 340-370 C at tip end to melt all other metal additives in it. I would not solder at much lower temperature as the board is thick and of high standard and will adsorb some heat. I bought version with chips soldered already – you will need thinner 0.5 mm wire for that. I used 60/40 on purpose.

David Moss
Kit Complete

Checked package and all parts present and correct. Looking forward to building it when back from holiday.

Dan Metz

Haven't started on assembling my kit yet as I'm in the middle of another project. I'll provide more feedback once I get started.

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