For meinenigma it is some things that can be downloaded.
The software or firmware to meinenigma can be found in github:

A paper version of this documentation is included in the kit so you don’t need to download it from here unless a newer version has been created.
You can download it to get a better idea of what you get without buying anything first but to do so you need to be registered.

Documentation – latest version:

Assembly Guide v2.3.1 – [A4 format] [Letter format]
User Guide v1.0.5 – [A4 format] [Letter format]
Enigma Introduction
MeinEnigma schematics
MeinEnigma technical drawing/dimensions
MeinEnigma quick reference guide v1.02 – [A4 format] [Letter format]
Modders Guide

3D printable stl files:
Support brackets, one for each side:
Support legs, 3 on each side and one in the middle, same as coming with the kit:

mp3 sound files
Sound files

Archive – older versions:

Assembly Guide v2.0 – [A4 format] [Letter format]

Assembly Guide v1.21 – [A4 format] [Letter format]
Assembly Guide v1.11
User Guide v1.02
Assembly Guide v1.10
User Guide v1.01
Assembly Guide v1.0 (green board)
User Guide v1.00


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