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      Enjoyed making this thing… It’s assembled, but I’m having two minor issues I’m hoping to get some assistance with.

      The L and O keys are not working, nor are the LEDs lighting up on boot. I’m sure this is a trace issue, but I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

      Also, on the LED readouts, the right half of the bottom lines are not lighting up.

      Everything else works great, thanks for any assistance I can get!

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      Looking at the schematic I see that the common thing between “L” and “O” is Row11 which comes from pin14 (one corner) on ht16k33. Row11 is also used for segment “E” on the alnum digits and that segment is the bottom right.
      Since both the main and l&k board has issues the first action is to just put a solder iron on pin14 on the ht16k33 chip. I would guess that it’s not soldered properly since looking at the traces they go out from that point in different directions, one to the jumper cable and one to the LEDs on the board.

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      Did you get it to work ?

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