Reply To: Kit #55 not yet working


So, lets go through the problems one by one;

– L103 display is not working
That means that Common on pin 18 on the digit does not have a connection to COM6/pin 8 on ht18k33. The path includes pin 24 on the jumper cable.

– Displays do not show all segments
Pretty much the same as above, just a different trace that’s broken. Identify the segment missing and look at the schematic as to what pin it is on. Then follow that pin all the way through the jumpercable to ht16k33.

– Plugboard seems not connected
You state above that p201-p203 fails regarding 5V and GND, that is why it’s not working. You need to fix that connection, see schematic for pins to connect.

– When turning to reflector mode system seems to get into a loop
Hard to guess, possible because of a short somewhere in the rotor but why only in reflector mode? The logic is pretty much the same for all the different modes.
Fix the other things first, then see if it’s still a problem and of so provide some more details.

– Slow response in run mode
How slow is “slow”? if maybe 5sec then it could be a problem with the sound board. Do you have sound? It is possible that it thinks you have a sound board and wait for the sound to finish before moving on.