Reply To: Kit #55 not yet working


Have been testing extensively this weekend:

SDA Arduino (A4) to P101 > OK
SCL Arduino (A5) to P101 > OK
P101 to P201 > OK

SDA P201 to U201 > OK
SCL P201 to U201 > OK

P201 to P203 (resistance with USB):
– SDA > OK
– SCL > OK
– 5V > NOK

P203 to P301 > OK

P102 to Arduino D2/D3 > OK
P103 to Arduino D4/D5 > OK
P104 to Arduino D6/D7 > OK
P105 to Arduino D10/D11 > OK

L101 front to back > OK
L102 front to back > OK
L103 front to back > OK
L104 front to back > OK

When connected to Arduino:
– Plugboard not connected
– All leds working
– Keyboard working and letters are recalled the right way

– L103 display is not working
– Displays do not show all segments
– Plugboard seems not connected
– When turning to reflector mode system seems to get into a loop
– Slow response in run mode