Reply To: Kit #55 not yet working


Every PCB is tested during manufacturing to have the correct connections so that should be way low on the suspect list. The most common issue I seen is bad soldering to the level that the solder holes and/or traces are broken. Had to add some extra wires due to that on a board I fixed up earlier. Don’t forget to verify the soldering of pins on the arduino it self (been there, did just solder in the corners and things didn’t work to good until I soldered in the rest).

It’s a dual layer board so all traces are on the top or the bottom, nothing in the middle of the board. You have the schematics of where all connections should be or not. With that you can verify connections and add extra wires as needed.
For example, as a test you could solder two wires directly from the arduino to the pins on the ht16k33 chip and see if you get some life signs from it that way.