Reply To: Kit #55 not yet working


The “No IC detected” means it can’t talk to L02 – HT16K33 and with that it assumes it’s standalone and doesn’t test anything else = no sound. I know that the chip is soldered on properly because I did ring it up to the connector before shipping it. You need to verify that all soldering points on the nano and the ones for the jumper cable are good.
The path involved is gnd, +5, SCL (A5) & SDA (A4). With power on, verify power between cable connector (p101 & p201) pin 25(gnd) and pin 23(+5V).
Remove power, then verify continuity from nano to chip for i2c

SCL: Nano pin 25(A5) -> p101 pin 19 -> p201 p19 ->ht16k33 pin 26
SDA: Nano pin 23(A4) -> p101 pin 21 -> p201 p21 ->ht16k33 pin 27