Reply To: Kit #33 working great


For a start – sorry that the N plug didn’t work. I did ring it up but it was before I had a good test jig so I must have pushed down the pin or something when I tested it.

As for uploading your own software, it is a few steps but they are not that tricky. Hard to diagnose without the first part of the message but I’m guessing it complains about some missing files.
Jeff Tranter did a serie of blogposts around meinenigma and the software part starts at
The very high level is that you need to
1 – download and install the arduino IDE from
2 – Download the meinenigma code from
(I guess you done 1 & 2 already)
3 – download two libraries
HT16K33 Arduino code:
AltSoftSerial Arduino library:
The libraries need to be saved to the arduino library path which is (on windoze) My Documents\Arduino\libraries\. See for more details around that.