Assembled meinEnigma

This is an assembled version of the enigma replica meinEnigma kit.
It is exactly the same as the kit, black PCB, rotors, cables and so on. The only difference is that all components are already soldered on and the whole machine is tested before shipped.

This is for someone who doesn’t want to take the time to solder it together but may still want to make a box for it. The functionality is the same since it is the same hardware.

NOTE: This is a made-at-order item so it will take a week or so to make it before it is shipped.

meinEnigma kit – Complete

This is an electronic replica of the famous WWII enigma machine that was used by the Germans to encrypt a lot of their communications.

The kit includes manuals, mainboard, lamp and key board and the plugboard, and all the components needed to put it together.
NOTE – this is a kit that need to be soldered together before it can be used.

You have two variants of this kit:

  • Hybrid: The three components that are surface mounted (SMD/SMT) comes unsoldered so you need to solder them on. All other components are through-hole and with that easier to solder on.
  • Through-hole: the three components that are surface mounted (SMD/SMT) are already soldered on and tested and due to that cost a bit more. All other components are through-hole.
    NOTE: This variant is made to order which means shipping may take a few days.

(It used to be a SMD only version but that is no longer offered)

t-shirt – black

Heavy cotton meinEnigma T-shirts -black


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