meinEnigma – electronic enigma replica

The meinEnigma is an electronic enigma replica DIY kit aimed at being as close to the original as economically possible.

The short version is that it is a kit with PCB and parts for sale starting at $300us (see the shop for details). This will give you a kit that after being assembled is an electronic enigma replica that has the size and function close to the real enigma but without a box to put it in.
Highlights of the functions:

  • Full emulation of several enigma models like M3(army,Air force), M4(Submarine), more are planned like Norway(post war), Swiss and so on.
  • Physical size and position of rotors, lamps, keys and plugboard within a few millimeters of original (=as far as information can be found)
  • Ring setting, stepping, double stepping (including the exception when starting at a notch), plugboard all implemented as original.
  • Sound effects from original enigma
  • Possible to save up to 14 user configuration plus current config saved whenever turned off
  • Emergency reset-to-factory-defaults red button – to wipe your settings when someone try to peek on it.
  • Configurable by physically move around things (rotate wheels, connect cables) as well as over usb (serial) port.
  • Can encrypt/decrypt from physical keyboard as well as serial port.
  • Encrypted/decrypted character shown on lampboard and serial port.
  • Can send encrypted code in morsecode
  • Designed for modding, several small features that makes it easy to put it in a real case and do other modifications to it.
  • Kit includes schematics
  • Source code for the firmware is licensed under GPL3 and available on github
  • When not used it can be set to show time
  • More to come

Some pictures of it can be found in the Gallery, and shop for parts is in the Shop

You can also like it on facebook, read a blog post , hackaday project and see youtube video of it in action.

One early kit was sold to Jeff Tranter and he created a long list of blogposts around it, starting at

The intent is to show the kit at Ottawa makerfaire around Spring 2018.

For more information/pre order/ “I’m interested” send email to info at meinEnigma dott com or fill in this form.